The Hungarian Karma Kagyupa Buddhist Community

The aim of the Hungarian Karma Kagyu Buddhist Community is to keep alive the teachings and practices of the tradition of the Buddhist Inner Path. Since Buddha's time (6th century B.C.), through its ancient Indian ancestors, the one-thousand-year-old Tibetan Karma Kagyupa tradition has handed down the blessings and teachings of the Buddhist spiritual path in an unbroken lineage from master to disciple. This lineage is represented and transmitted directly by the founder and spiritual leader of our community, Dordje Lopon Lama Ngawang Rinpoche, as well as by his Hungarian disciple, Venerable Lama Chopel.

We strive to help not only Buddhists but all spiritual seekers, regardless of their religious commitments, find an authentic and practical path of spiritual development. In this pursuit, we rely on the experience accumulated by the 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition. The teachings, which have kept their original purity, speak directly to the people of the 21st century; and in simple and accessible language they reveal an inexhaustible richness of profound psychological insights drawn from our enlightened masters' personal experiences and give safe guidance to people who are searching for a fruitful method of inner development.

Our community has three meditation centers where regular meditations, ceremonies, teachings, courses, and meditation retreats are conducted: the Karma Ratna Dargye Ling Retreat Center in Tar and the Karma Dorje Ling and Karma Shedrup Dargye Ling centers in Budapest. In addition, there are two other Kagyu centers which are closely affiliated with our community: Karma Döndrup Ling in Pécs and Karma Dargye Ling in Szentes.

All the programs and activities of our community are open to anyone who is interested in participating in them.