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We follow the path opened up by Alexander Csoma de Kõrös, the Hungarian bodhisattva, who is respected by our Community as an Enlightened Master. We consider the practice and preservation of his spiritual heritage to be an important mission. To this end, a place of honour open to the public is maintained through the Clear Light Foundation on the estate of the Meditation Centre in Tar (Nográd county). Here the Peace Stupa was erected in his memory in 1992 and was subsequently consecrated by H.H. the Dalai Lama and blessed by representatives of other world religions. The Stupa was built to bring and stabilize peace, happiness, and wealth for all of the Earth's inhabitants. It contains precious relic pills of the Buddha himself, relic pills of several Karmapas, and numerous precious relics of other enlightened masters.

In 1995, the Alexander Csoma de Kõrös Memorial Park was established at the same place, and later a Memorial Pavilion was built where there is an exhibition about the life and activity of Csoma. The Memorial Park and the Peace Stupa are open to visitors every day, free of charge. The Memorial Park is frequented by many visitors and has become a veritable place of pilgrimage for peace-loving people as well as for those interested in ancient Hungarian culture.